Ensenso: powerful 3D robot vision solutions


When 3D image processing is used, interfaces and CPU power quickly become a bottleneck. Ensenso XR is the first stereo vision camera offered by IDS that processes 3D data directly in the FPGA. It is very robust thanks to IP65/67.


From pick & place to quality assurance: Many tasks in robot technology and automation can only be solved successfully with 3D data. With the Ensenso stereo vision cameras, IDS offers a solution for 3D image acquisition that excels in terms of precision as well as economy and speed. The recently launched Ensenso XR camera family is able to deliver 3D data directly from the camera. The transmission of results instead of raw data places considerably less strain on the network, which benefits computing-intensive applications. Ensenso XR cameras meet protection class IP65/67 and are therefore optimally protected against dirt, dust and water splashes. This makes them well-suited even for harsh environments. 

Whether with fully integrated housing, modular design or integrated data processing: the Ensenso N, X and XR 3D camera families provide solutions for the most diverse requirements. The Ensenso selector on the IDS website helps to find the right model for your application.